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Online Web-Based Data Entry and Retrieval

We've built a completely new system -- GEM -- so you can organize your breeding data all in one place, giving you more control.

Data entry is fast and easy so you can:

  • generate customizable reports to help you gain greater insight into your breeding program and

  • access your data 24 hours a day, from anywhere-office, home, or on the road.

There is no software to install or upgrade; all you need is an Internet connection and Internet Explorer Web browser.

Your data is stored on firewall-protected servers and backed up daily.

Your password gives you access to your data and prevents unauthorized access by others. Your online activity is protected by the same Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL) used by banks and online trading firms.

View GEM demonstration: Browser (html) | Acrobat (pdf) | Powerpoint (ppt)

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